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Wireless Security Specialists

Your wireless network is probably not as secure as you think. A moderately skilled part-time hacker can break into most wireless networks in a matter of minutes using tools readily available on the internet. Once on your network, hackers have options for where to go and what to do.

Polite hackers might only steal your bandwidth, reducing your network speed and responsiveness.  Others might use your network for illegal activities, which can be traced back to your network, but not the anonymous hacker.  Still others might use the opportunity to steal private information from your network or install malicious software on your computers.

Trophy WiFi offers wireless network security services to protect your electronic assets.

Think you're safe?

A lot of small business and home Wireless networks employ techniques that they believe protect the network, but in reality, offer little more than a nuisance to hackers with basic skills. For example:

  • SSID Hiding - no security benefit... but hey, it does slow down your network.
  • MAC Filtering - hackers can still get at your data, but you might not be able to.
  • Network Encryption - some types are better than others... One of the most commonly used can be hacked in a few minutes.
  • "Hey, the Coffee House has an open network..." -  The "Coffee House" allows access to the internet, but not their computers... your open network probably does.

See our WiFi Security Myths for more detail.